Which musicians would be in your dream Super Group?

If you could pick any group of musicians to form a super group. Who would you pick? You can choose anyone living or dead. If pop bands are more your thing, then feel free to choose your dream boy/girl band line up. Oh and you have to give the band a name too☺

Here's mine:

Singer: Liam Gallagher
Lead Guitar: Slash
Guitar/Backing vocals: Noel Gallagher
Bass Guitar: John Entwistle
Drums: Dave Grohl

Band Name: The Sex Beatles


Most Helpful Girl

  • Singer: Amy Lee
    Guitar and singer: Kurt Cobain
    Guitar: Matt Bellamy
    Bass Player: Flea
    Drums: Travis Barker

    Band Name: Foreverescence


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  • Singer: MC Ride
    Synths/electronics: Flatlander
    Drums: Zach Hill

    Band Name: Death Grips


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