Who was your "hottest" actress/actor growing up as a teen?

Please provide the name and a picture (or link) to get an upvote.

My Answer:
Amy Jo Johnson - the Pink Power Ranger

Who was your

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  • My really, really big teen crush (and I still find her cute nowadays) is Swedish actress Rebecca Liljeberg. I assume there are not many here who know her because she's never acted in a Hollywood movie. I'm really into cute girls (unlike 95% of guys who are into stereotypical "pretty" or "hot" girls) and she was like the perfect personification of cuteness to me :-). In the photo she's about 16-17 which is the age I got to know her (later on I found out she's not only very cute but also very smart. She's really good with computers and programming and that kind of stuff. I think she even went on to get a PhD in computer science).

    As for Hollywood actresses, I used to like Reese Witherspoon quite a lot. She's also one of those girls who don't have the typical pretty-look (like "fashion-model"-type of look) but she too has a very cute face I think. I especially like her tip-tilted nose and her lips.


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