Why are romance novels mostly about cheating?

Why is it that most of the romance novels (if you can call them that) with women as the target audience are about cheating? Not all women are cheaters and this isn't insinuating that; I'm just confused why some of the best sellers are about an affair? I think it's ridiculous!


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  • If they are about an affair it's usually because the husband is abusive or cheating himself. It adds more to the narrative of escaping a horrible reality and running to the amazing fantasy guy who cares about you

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    • It's not a guideline that teaches the reader to cheat, same way that porn doesn't teach men to be abusive and uncaring to women.

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  • It's a scandalous romance that builds plot. And something I wish would only remains in books.

    • I can understand that. I completely agree that that sort of thing should stay in the pages

  • They are? really?

    • A lot of the ones I see/hear about are about cheating wives

    • Oh maybe you read really old text!

  • Im an avid reader of romance/erotic novels and have come across very few cheating/affair scenarios in the many books that I've read...

    • That's relieving. I was beginning to think that most of them were

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