If you could be on 'The Bachelor' or 'The Bachelorette' which one would you pick?


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  • Neither, I wouldn't go on that show.


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  • Probably the bachelorette. I don't want to be competing with other girls

    • If I had to choose

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    • Either way, I am not going to fall in love with someone who only pampers me, and any man who falls in love with me only because of my looks or fame is an idiot. I wouldn't have my heart broken in either scenario, and no man should have their heart broken if they know how to use their head.

    • Like I wouldn't pretend to be in love with hear guys right as I meet them. I will treat them like I'm JUST MEETING THEM. Whoever I liked he least I would get rid of. And if I were competing with women for a guy I would do the same. I wouldn't act fake and desperate and force myself to fall in love with him hoping he will love me back, it's just stupid

  • None.


  • baceloret so I could choose and play with boys minds and then break thier hearts


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