Which is the most beautiful song in your language?

Can you tell me which song you like the most in your language?


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  • https://youtu.be/aRe9gLvxFs4

    Come closer because probably
    you don't realise my love
    it isn't forever
    because there are nights that end when you sleep
    tell your heart
    there will be no more source of pain
    don't say that I don't think about you
    I don't do anything else but think
    come a little bit closer
    don't be afraid of the truth

    that is when the morning arrives and the sun comes up
    you will return to my side and I win
    and now, go away, go away, go away, go away
    go away and have a good time for both of us
    look girl no thanks I have left you behind I do nothing but forget about you

    I am aware of the pain i cause you but the same time i feel no guilt. to think it was anger when it was just fear.

    your pretty eyes, your beautiful body
    I'm sorry girl but no
    when the sun comes up, you will be there
    now go, go, go to the party.


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