Some fans of Florence and the machine?

I totally forgot about them but I'm listening to "no lights" and it reminds me of amazing times.
I want to know how famous they are lol they had some game here in Mexico
they had some fame here in Mexico*

Stupid phone


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  • I mean, as far as that genre goes, they aren't bad, but they aren't my style. Needs more distortion, more guitar, and more sad emotional angst.
    They do have a fanbase over in the US though. I have heard of them and have heard of some of their songs.

    Also, how have you not heard of Rage Against The Machine before? 😦

    • They're sad enough for me hahaha

      and yeah, I know it's not your style. I would consider their music at some point "girly", don't you think?
      Only the girls in my class liked them, the guys were never into it.

      I don't know lol It's the first time I hear about them haha. Not quite famous here, I think.

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    • Haha maybe so.

      Ooh I do remember one F&TM song I like.
      Kiss with a fist. Has a bit of a punk vibe. I like punk lol

      (and I don't like JB nor its variants)

    • Oh yeah!! That song is great! I also like that vibe :)

      My favorite is this one:

      Her voice is just so... deep lol

  • I prefer Rage Against the Machine XD

  • I liked them.

  • I think they're getting more well know


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