Rap or R&B songs with a meaning?

I perfer it to be a girl singer and to actually have something deep to it! thanks!


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  • Only rapper I like (besides the old school hardcore gangster srtuff) is kid cudi. His stuff is a plit between stoner stuff, deep stuff and typical rap bs. His deep songs I like are mr rager, solo dolo, soundtrack to my life, 50 ways to make a record and pursuit of happiness

    • Thanks again!

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    • Thank you! I love talking about music. Also the weeknd isn't bad. None of his stuff I've listened to is very deep and he's far from myfavorite musician but he's ok

    • The Weeknd's best stuff is his early stuff. His last two albums sucked.

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  • There are a lot haha
    but these are some of my favorites:
    Boyz II Men: End of the Road/On Bended Knee/Refuse to be the reason
    Keyshia Cole: Trust and Believe
    Mariah Carey/Boyz II Men: One Sweet Day
    Mariah Carey: After Tonight, My Saving Grace
    Most Mariah carey and boyz ii men songs are rnb with meaning ;)

  • "Memories part II" by big sean ft john legend and "sellin dreams" by big sean ft chris brown. "Coffee" , "sure thing"by miguel. Also "lady in the glass dress" by chris brown and " autumn leaves" by chris brown ft kendrick lamar.
    As far as women go:
    Nicki minaj:
    Bed of lies
    All things go
    I lied

  • Anything by Lauren hill or Alicia keys


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