Are there any remakes that you think are better then the original?

Movies, songs, games, or anything else?
Actually most game remakes or updates are probaly better then the originals, or maybe not.


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  • Nirvana's cover of "The Man Who Sold the World" blows the original from David Bowie out of the water, had to call on that one.

    Guns N Roses version of "Let Live Let Die" is better in my opinion Metallica's version of "Whisky In The Jar" is a hell better than the original as well (Deep Purple's version is great too). Tool's cover of "No Quarter" is just as great if not better than the Led Zeppelin original (don't kill me for that though).

    When it comes to movies I don't know. The remake for Nosferatu was a pretty interesting take, haven't seen it in years though. I really enjoyed a movie called Let Me In, which is a remake apparently (haven't watched the original). Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness were very good comebacks of Star Trek as well. Those at the top of my mind atm


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