Should I delete the songs and redownlaod them?

Like I have songs that I download as mp3 files from snaptube... but the app updates every time and it has m4a files now and then it gets 128k and 256k mp3 and m4a files... should I delete my old file and download a new one of the 256k m4a? Will it have better audio?


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  • 256k will have better quality
    But how come some people haven't figured out torrenting yet? It's 2015.

    • Torrent? Coz I'm on my phone.. snaptube is simple and amazing.. and I don't notice any changing in quality of the 256k and the others.

    • Just because you don't notice (yet) doesn't mean there is no change.
      And I can use uTorrent on my phone.

    • Italy too hard to delete the songs u listen to and redownlaod them.. plus it's a 3-4mb increase

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