What do you all think of this song? I'm I weird for liking this kind of music (Disclaimer: Heavy Metal Content)?

Get a load of this and tell me what you all think. Do you think it's good, or do you think it sucks?

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  • That's not heavy metal by any means. Lamb of God, Whitechapel, Cannible Coarpse that's heavy metal.

    • No... Those bands are much closer to black/death metal. Heavy metal bands are your Iron Maidens, Black Sabbaths, and such.

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  • If you like your metal you would probably like it - Wouldn't be my type of music - On the metal front I wouldn't go any harder than the classic metal of AC DC, Metallica.

  • Very 80's sounding; I'd listen to it if someone put it on, but I do prefer more modern sounds to this.


  • Thank you for showing me another awesome band. :D Voted A.


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