Do you like Cinema and Movies?

Do you like cinema? I like artistic movies. So in your opinion, what film festival more selective and better than the other?
Venice Movie Festival- Golden Lion
Cannes-Golden Palm.

Do you like Cinema and Movies?

Do you like Cinema and Movies?

I think twice.

  • Venice- Golden Lion
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  • Cannes- Golden Palm
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  • I wouldn't have your knowledge but I have a vague inkling that Cannes is more commercial.


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  • I don't like cinema but i love movies.
    I'd go to Cannes

    • Why Cannes? Why not venice?

    • I saw the Cannes film festival on tv once. Its a beautiful evenment and the city is great too. French language is also more romantic then Italian.

  • I don't really like the cinema, I feel a bit trapped. And I don't really like movies, there are very few that I like


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