Top Artists of the Year?

It's been a great year for many artists!
Here is a list of the five most successful artists of 2015.
So, pick your favourites for this year and/or add your own, if you want!!

  • Taylor Swift
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  • Ed Sheeran
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  • The Weeknd
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  • One Direction
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  • Drake
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  • I don't know if their sound made it across the atlantic but I would add in Years & Years


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What Girls Said 5

  • I want to say the weekend as a proud Canadian but Ed sheran is POWERFUL beyond he's years and despite his not so goodlookingness

  • Am I the only Directioner in here or what? One Direction lost a member but still continued their worldwide tour, released an album and 2 music videos. Still at the top of the charts. Why is Drake in this again? No offence, he has some catchy songs but that's the biggest compliment I could give them.

  • I've always loved The Weeknd so him.

    Geez though, where's Justin Bieber? :( After all he's given to not only the music industry, but the world, this year. Not okay...

    • Justin Bieber just like Adele released their albums towards the end of 2015, last month.
      So that's why I didn't put him in the poll!
      But for 2016 Bieber is a must. 😉

  • Taylor Swift, who is Drake, never heard of that artist?

  • Has the word 'artist' lost its meaning? None of those so called artists are deserving of being called artists.


What Guys Said 1

  • I'd say MØ. She's from Europe and she's at least my "Artist/Discovery of the year" ;)

    • I agree with you up to a point. She is perfect for the New Artists of 2015 but not yet for Top Artist.. ☺

    • She is better then all of em but she isn't famous enough. Her fanbase doesn't even reach half a million i think. That is the problem!

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