Am I a bad Actor?

I've been acting since I was 6 years old. I've always been a drama kid- I've considered it as a career for a long time now. Thing is- I've always been told I was great. I always THOUGHT I was great.
Since 2010 I've had about 2 large roles in the 20+ plays I've auditioned for, and I'm starting to think I've been lied to. I know everything about blocking, speaking from my diaphragm, how to move on stage, putting emotion in my voice, I've learned and practiced this stuff my whole life.
But I feel like I should just stop getting my hopes up. After all, from a statistical standpoint I really don't seem that great. Im wondering if at this point I'm just seen in my community as an extra, or if I'm ever even considered for a large part. I'm told time and time again that my auditions were STUNNING, I've been told by a director friend of mine that the people watching were just blown away by my audition- only to see a cast list where I'm the ever so talented "Random girl #3". And I'm sick of it. If I really was great, I feel like I would have gotten some better roles.
And don't get me wrong, every small part I get I give it my all. But it's just discouraging. I've had my name misspelled on too many programs to count. I've done so much for my community and it's like the work I put into it means nothing compared to what the leads do. I'm invisible, and the only reason I can think of is because I'm just... Bad.
Acting has always been a passion of mine, but lately it's been causing more grief than joy. Am I just unlucky or is everyone lying to me when they say I'm great?


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  • I think your problem is overthinking. You're trying to be so perfect that you lose sight of what acting really is.

    • Yeah, that makes sense. I mean, I think part of it could be that I strive to emulate what I think the character would be, rather than just showcasing my talent for the director. But is that always a bad thing? After all, auditions are so directors can see you as a certain role.

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    • Yeah this is sort of what the other person said, but I do try to become the character. To me, there's really no other way to act.

    • Yeah, you're probably just trying too hard. realize too that you are going to get told "no" most of the time. Even famous actors are. That's just how the business is!

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  • Keep plugging away - I do think in acting it is an awful lot of luck - You get a part in a successful production and then become known which will lead to more parts - 2 large parts and a number of small parts in 5 years sounds like a good return to me.
    As long as you are making a living from it, keep at it and a break may come.


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  • Everyone is a bad actor when they try too hard. The whole point in acting is making something come to life. Acting school doesn't make you a better actor. What makes you a better actor is living your character. BE the character, don't just ACT the character. If that made any sense... you get what I mean, right?

    • Yes, and I genuinely do that. Or I try, at least. I see myself as every part I play, and I consider it the most important aspect of acting. I mean, you're still not Belle if you're a brown haired girl wearing a yellow gown. You have to BE Belle! Even in auditions I try to do this, I just don't know what goes wrong.

    • Every place isn't gonna like you but that doesn't mean you're not good. It's like college. Not every college is gonna accept you, that doesn't mean you're not a good student. It's a pick or choose. Your time will come. Being that you're still a kid, you have plenty time. Some celebs didn't get their big break Til they were much older. Not that that'll happen to you, but your time to shine is near.

  • Yo what up shanty?


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