Don't you think this is a huge slap in the face to all the REAL world class female pro boxers that none of them ever appeared in a Ring Magazine?

cover in any of women's boxing history yet some loud-mouthed, blowhard female MMA fighter (with no good stand-up skills whatsoever) like Ronda Rousey gets to be on the cover, despite that her stand-up was god-awful bad and grossly overrated by the media hype train, particularly by MMA fanboy/girls?

As a fan of both boxing and MMA, I really don't care too much for Rousey but I am getting sick and tired of the MMA universe and American mainstream media shoving her down many people's throats, even after how badly she got dominated and exposed by a true world class female fighter, Holly Holm. Holm should have been on the The Ring Magazine cover LONG before Rousey ever became a pro MMA fighter.
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ESPECIALLY considering that Holm was an actual world class pro boxer before humilating Rousey at her own sport.


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    • But why does she even on a boxing magazine cover when she isn't a boxer? She was just outright dominated and humiliated by a former multiple-division world women's boxing champ and she still gets overrated and overhyped by the mainstream media and bandwagon jumpers.

    • Ronda's a legend.

    • She's only a legend because of Dana White/the UFC over-marketing the crap out of her and feeding her tomato cans and one-dimensional female fighters along with all of her fanboy/girls riding on her bandwagon.

What Guys Said 1

  • I agree. Ronda Rousey got beaten down fair and square, it was proven she isn't the baddest bitch she thinks she is. She can't stop being bitter about losing to Holly Holm and the fact that a rematch may be arranged for them is just ridiculous.

    • It's like, why the fuck is she even put on a boxing magazine cover when she's not a boxer? She doesn't even have any decent striking skills. Her "striking skills" only looked good against lunch ladies, tomato cans or one-dimensional female fighters (who lack striking skills).

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