Who is your favourite actor/actress and what is your favourite movie, movie genre and TV serie?

Naming several is fine but the hard thing is to pick one of each.


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  • Hmm...

    Favourite actor: I don't really have one specific favourite actor. I think right now I quite like Jason Momoa, I think he's very good. Other actors I think are good are Chris Evans, Eddie Redmayne, Luke Newberry and Rami Malek.

    Favourite actresses: Again, I don't really have any actresses I specifically follow. I guess I like Billie Piper, Sophie Turner, Lupita Nyong'o and Carrie Fisher.

    Favourite movie: Right now my favourite movie is The Rocky Horror Picture Show <3

    Favourite movie genre: I love musicals and horror films, even though I'm a little bit of a baby for the latter.

    TV series: I really liked In The Flesh but it got cancelled :(

    • You have a good taste in stuff. I like some of the actors you like aswell.

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  • Jonny depp is my favorite actor but his recent films suck ass. So I pick christoph waltz. Favorite movie is A Clockwork Orange. Favorite tv series is probably Dragon Ball Z

    • I have seen A Clockwork Orange. One of the wierdest movies I have ever seen :P

  • Crime drama.
    Robert De Niro


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