I think I want to write a novel, loosely based on myself. what do you guys think?

i've been told i have a way with words, meaning i'm a great speaker. i give great speeches. i really know how to captivate someone when i am speaking to them face to face.

what goes hand and hand with this gift is the gift of being a great writer, and i am. all of my teachers throughout high school and college have told me so... and best of all i absolutely love writing.

my life. i have so much to say; i've been through a lot in my short 22 years of life i want to get it out on paper. lots of sex and love and lust and pain and pleasure. drugs, heartbreak, self mutilation. lies and truths.

just to clarify, incase you didn't understand by now: this will be a novel not an autobiography.. i'm not famous enough yet to write one of those lol.

it'll be about life through the eyes and the mind of a character somewhat based on myself. meaning, the character will basically be me, including stories about my past. some true some exaggerated some made up. but most importantly, since the main character (or one of the characters) will basically be me, i will put that character in situations that will allow me, my real self, to voice opinions on things that i've not been yet able to.

seriously, i lead a crazy life. until this day. people my whole life have always asked me the rhetorical question of "how the hell does this shit always happen to YOU?"


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  • Reminds so much of a book I read years ago it has zero in the title - If I could remember the title it would be good for you to look at.

    • i would love to check it out if you could remember it. think! please let me know

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  • Go for it. No reason not to really.


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  • Go for it but you really need to have nothing on your plate in order to write. I'm about 9000 words in and I've come to a halt in terms on inspiration. Perhaps not inspiration but words don't come to me as easy and things aren't as flowy. So I left it the way it is and I'll continue it when I can just take 6 months off life and focus on it. Also I'd recommend writing some short stories 1-2000 words, before you go for a novel.

  • Real writers use capitalisation. Sorry, had to do it.

    That being said, go for it!

    • oh please, "real writers" dont even use proper punctuation marks. "real writers" only care about the message they are trying to get across with what words

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    • im just fucking with you, jeez. keep your skirt down

    • Were you also "fucking with me" before I answered, or is that a conclusion you came to a few seconds ago?

  • I'd read it.

  • Go for it, man.


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