What are some good shooter games?

I know lots of people will say cod but I haven't played any shooter before, only rpgs or adventure games in the past. I really want to try one out/ get into them but I don't know which one would be a good one to start with to learn. I'm not going to play the newest cod because I don't want to ruin anyones match with my non existent skills lol. So I want to play an older shooter. I was thinking maybe Destiny or an older Halo game


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  • Dude play CoD. People are trash on there anyways, it won't matter if you fuck up their match. Lmao. Maybe play locally before you go online if you're scared of idiots raging cuz of a match loss. Halo is definitely fun, Battlefield. Fallout would probably be a good transition from RPG to Shooter games maybe.
    Dust 514 is free to play on ps3 if you wanna try it out.

    • yeah my worry was the raging people on cod lol I was looking for a ps4 game. Yeah I'll probably try Fallout. Would it matter which Battlefield game? Or which call of duty should I start with? Never heard of Dust 514 lol

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    • I guess. Unless you're asking for fps specifically. I just thought you wanted a game where you had guns and had to physically aim them and shit.

    • yeah thats exactly what I'm looking for lol

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  • I was gonna say csgo, but that's definitely not for you according to the description xD

    • yeah no expert level stuff lol

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