Why Italo-Disco and Eurodance genres weren’t so much popular in the UK and in the US?

Although those genres were popular in countries like Italy or Germany…. they never met any success in English-speaking countries like UK or US…

I mean…. they have English lyrics…. shouldn’t they be popular there as well?


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  • Different cultures, different styles. There is a large subculture who like the music, but it's not mainstream

    • basically US and UK (after 80s) weren't very fond of electronic sound... but well during 80s everyone went electronic more or less, especially British artists where they didn't use any guitars at all... and most music was just synth/drum-machines... and in US glam-metal was really big by then and it was a genre which depended on synths/keyboards heavily...

      but after 80s ended... US turned to Grudge and UK turned to Britpop... those genres were anti-electronic... but rest of Europe was into House, Eurodance, Trance and stuff like dat...

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  • I have wondered the same. I just LOVE those genres, though. Especially 80s mid-tempo italo disco!

    • glad to hear a non-European tellin dat... :D

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    • is electronic music popular in India? i know GOA Trance's popular in India... but have no idea about other genres...

    • Nah, it's not that popular here. But then, I'm not your 'typical' Indian. My tastes in music (and pretty much everything else) is international! :P

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