I've seen The Force Awakens. Now how am I supposed to go on with my life?

Just saw the new Star Wars movie. Apparently I don't feel like everyone else thinks I should, because to me it wasn't bad but wasn't great either. I have several valid reasons for feeling this way which I won't go into cuz, you know, spoilers. Having pinned all my hopes and dreams on this film for years, then being left disappointed, how do I recover from this? I've suffered depression before and don't want it to recur all because of The Force Awakens.
  • You're nuts. The Force Awakens rocked!!
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  • You're right. Some aspects of it sucked
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  • Haven't seen it yet
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  • Voted C. It hasn't released yet in my country.

    But you're thinking too much, dude! It's just a movie, for heaven's sake! If your disappointment in a movie can actually cause depression, then you have some serious issues to contend with.

    • No, Bridesmaids is just a movie. Star Wars is a pop culture phenomenon, a mythology and a religion for many.

      There's only a few things in life more important than the release of a new Star Wars movie. Can't really think of what they are at this moment, so I could be wrong.

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