What is the best White Stripes song?

Or just your all-time favorite White Stripes/Jack White song?
What is the best White Stripes song?

What is the best White Stripes song?

I put most of my favorites in the poll lol, if you have a different one in mind just write it in the comments section :P

Rock Hard!
  • Seven Army Nation
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  • Dead Leaves On The Dirty Ground
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  • Fell In Love With A Girl
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  • Ball And Biscuit
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  • Black Jack Davey (Remake)
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  • John The Revelator (Remake)
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  • My Doorbell
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  • As much as i love Seven Nation Army, it is is overrated compared to their other songs


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  • As far as I'm concerned they only released one song, they are one hit wonders in my book, that hit being 7 nation army.


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