My emotions change very quick?

one minute i was crying over 1d bc they are taking a break and like 10 mins later, im laughing with my brother about some vid we saw, and i get hurt very easily, like the smallest shit makes me cry.. my sister told me it's a mood disorder? is it a mood disorder?


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  • I've been worrying about this too. Except i get really mad. Like any little shit makes me feel this rage inside I don't know why. Like hearing a certain word or reading something from somewhere or looking at someone face I don't know its fucking weird. But even if its nothing i just get so fucking mad I don't know why.


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  • Its called bipolar disorder and there are meds to help treat it


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  • If it's some sort of disorder, I'm positive I have it too. My mood literally can change very second. It's confusing.


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