Tekken Question: Do you believe it’s easier to execute Eddy’s or Law’s moves in real life?

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  • Law's, of course, his moves are based on some Bruce Lee's moves. But even Eddie's moves can be executed by some Capoeira masters.

    • I have tried to do some Eddy's moves hahahaha... it's not so hard... but i was never able to do Law's signature sommersault...

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    • I remember, Paul looked really clumsy in that sequence, lol :P

    • Thanks for the MHO :D

Most Helpful Girls

  • Law because that's martial arts
    Where as I'm not even sure what Eddie's moves are called. He's basically just dancing around

    • It's Capoeira and it's a martial art as well... especially popular in Brazil...

    • Well I didn't know
      Tho I choose law as your answer

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