What did you think about the Kylo and Rey fight (Star Wars: Spoiler alert)?

The Jedi fight was something I looked forward to, but damn that shit was weak. I mean, how does a untrained Jedi who's never held a saber defeat one who's been training for years? I was expecting a more badass Kylo, but he was a disappointing.


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  • Because it doesn't fit the plot.

    Same reason the stormtroppers in the original trilogy were known for being acurate shots (which they did demonstrate tocation), but never managed to hit the heroes.

  • Completely agree with you man. What a wuss.

    • I was expecting Luke to jump in as Kylo was preparing to execute both Rey and Finn.

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    • Got training from Jedi master, still gets ass kicked. 😞

    • really hope KR gets better in the upcoming sequels...

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