To those who have been in war, or family or friend of those who were in war. Can you give me a short story about an event you experienced?

I'm writing a novel and was hoping if you could participate in a short story, I can add into my novel in my own words of course. I would like a short story. How did it feel being away from family, and those who have family in military what is it like. I had a cousin who went to war and never made it back :'( so I was wondering what was your experience. My novel includes short stories in the novel. Thanks, much appreciated. Those against wars and say people deserve it please don't be mean, remember you are free because of the brave.


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  • All the stories I've heard from family members' experiences in wartime are either horrifying, sexually explicit or humorous (or some combination of the three), but you seem to be looking for something along different lines. Wish I could help, but good luck. :)


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