Girls, would you enjoy attending a bachelorette party/girls-get-together where you'd draw a nude male model?

The party is held at either a residence or reserved private room and lasts between 1.5-2 hours. The model is completely nude and it's structured similar to attending a figure drawing art class, with several shorter "gesture" poses to kick things off then progressing to a few longer poses. Girls can request specific poses and/or take pictures with the model, and there's a group photo of everyone taken at the end. The goal of this type of party is to offer an alternative to raunchy bachelorette parties involving a stripper by offering a classier alternative.
There's no requirement to have any sort of artistic talents as the main goal is to celebrate and have fun. These types of parties are held in the UK and are known as "Hen drawing parties", and I'm wondering if this idea could be more popular in the United States.
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It's interesting that these parties are very popular in a city like London; what could be done to make these more appealing in the U. S?


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  • Sounds pretty boring to me, love. There's nothing wrong with a raunchy night out.

  • honestly sounds boring, and I love art myself haha :)

  • Yeah.


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