Did Drake not know that he would look goofy as hell in "Hotline Bling"?

The song's chorus, especially when he says "Hotline Bling" needs some autotune and so reverb because the song literally sounds like someone's singing to elevator music.

And what the fuck is up with this man's dancing? Did noone advise him that he looks like he's doing a gobble gobble turkey neck dance move?

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some* reverb


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  • But were all of those vines that got made not worth it xD


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  • Drake absolutely KNEW he was going to stuff joked about when he made the music video to that song... simply genius! Feeding into the social media culture of memes and animated gifs, thus he was being promoted by the viral internet machine.

    I see u, Drake! ;-)


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  • Bhaha! He look like he havin a seizure.


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