Eurodance Battle: Who's your favorite artist (Round XXVII)?

Hm... Culture Beat from here... and Datura comes second...

  • Culture Beat
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  • Cut 'N' Move
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  • Daddy DJ
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  • Dalimas
    Vote D
  • Danijay
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  • Dario G
    Vote F
  • Datura
    Vote G
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Dario G won...


Most Helpful Girl

  • That's easy - Dario G, closely followed by Datura. Culture Beat is nice but I've heard only one of their songs.

    • Mr. Vain i suppose?

      Well u should give it a go and listen to other songs of theirs... listen to their entire albums "Horizon" and "Serenity"... those guys were more than just "Mr. Vain"... ;)

    • Yes, it was Mr Vain :)
      Okay I'll give it a go, you always have good suggestions ;)

    • Thank you for MHO 😃

Most Helpful Guy

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  • Dario G, followed by Culture Beat and Datura.

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