Fun Girls Ask Guys Question: What Would You Do During A Zombie Apocalypse?

The World has ended, and the Zombie Apocalypse began. Using your ways of storytelling. Now come up with how these things will happen. The best stories from each gender gets M. H. O.. I will tell mines in the Update.

Now come up with...

- How it begins?
- Who will you survive with? It can be people on here, or anyone that you know. You can come up with up to 7 people, because that is the maximum amount you can seat in a big car.
- What will you do?
- How will you treat each other?
- Where would you survive?
- If you choose to kill everyone, or someone explain how?

Now go ahead with making your stories.
Note that you can add more to this if you want so try.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd first find a shelter and group all the people who are still humans with me. Then I'd get in my usual underground lab in my house because of course everyone has that, and I'd work on finding some type of chemical solution that would kill them all.

    Prevention of the healthy ones first, then execution of the diseased ones (except for a few that would be kept prisoners to be able to test things on them to avoid another apocalypse).

    See most people will think physical strength is the solution but in reality just a few toxic molecules will be much more effective.


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  • I feel like a zombie apocalypse would begin on some random day where all my family are in the same house and then we would jump into the car and get my aunt and my closest friend cause my family is five of us and my aunt and my friend will make seven.
    We would make sure my other relatives have a plan to survive and i would call my few other friends to find out how they are going to survive. and we would drive to the country side that my father knows really well and get groceries from a safe place on the way get flashlights weapons of any kind supplies etc. We would use the radio to keep contact and just pray it finishes soon lolol

  • Gay question


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