Have you ever had near death experiences?

I've had like 2 near death experiences? i had this sickness thing and the doctor said there will be like a 12 percent chance i'd live but i got better in a few days, and i dont remember the other one.


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  • Yeah I almost got struck by a fucking lighting bolt back in like 2008 but it hit the street pole right next to me.

    • hope you didn't get hurt

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    • But man, if you would have been there that day/moment... it, was sunny all day at 102F, muggy and windy but that all changed very fucking quickly since it started to rain while I was finishing up the last couple of lawns. So while I was running back and forward to load the equipment (the wind was crazy 70 mph+ man) it was to the point where I could barely stand -_-... but that's where it got surreal "the surrounding area was light up for about 3 secs in a row + i heard the thunder building + super windy + hail and out of nowhere "BOOM" body froze up, head hurting, eyes hurt even though I wasn't looking at the pole when it was struck, heart skipped a beat and the ground shook so hard

      overall it was just 1 messed up experience. And now "I respect mother nature a lot more"... she ain't no joke.

    • I would fucking die if that happened to me like I would legit get a heart attack.

  • The house fire...


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