What do you think these lyrics are about?

My boyfriend wrote this song.
What is your interpretation?

You asKed then, we did not tell them.
We did nOt tell them.
What we saw... what we seen..
What a sick Fuck, with a what do you want, what do you mean to me!!!
Inevitability heaven sent, but hell bent, and it'll bend you over, it'll take you for all your worth.. you aren't worth shit, with your what a sick Fuck, what do you want, what do you mean to me!!
Everything!!! It's black inside,, but all blurry white and all around my eyes,
Spent too much time counting tallies on your thighs!
I hate me through hating you...
Do you hate you too...
I fuckin' know you do!!!

I get a lot of headaches I get a lot of migraines I think a lot of bad thoughts when I'm thinking with my scattered brain


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What Guys Said 2

  • If it's about you than you should end the relationship.

  • i think you need to ask him coz i sure as hell have no idea


What Girls Said 1

  • what... the hell?
    is he mental?

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