Knitting hats on a circle loom?

I was learning through a booklet I got with a circle loom set my neighbor gave to me for Christmas. She wants a hat, but the last page of the booklet is ripped out, my computer is too slow to load videos, and all of the directions I've found online have been confusing. Anyone know a simple set of directions for making the top of a knitted hat? I got the rim and the bottom half of the hat down fine, just not the top or how to even begin to make the top. Help?


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  • I really wish I knew! Don't you buy those circle things? You could always as somone in person who know how to!

    • Thanks for the advice, no one around me is very crafty :/

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    • that really sucks! Maybe google online local kniting classes or events! There has to be something!

    • Thanks for the advice :)

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