Traditional American hip/hop and rap fans?

what do you make of uk grime?

can people please stop using this thread to tell me they dont like hip/hop. thats not the point of it so go write your own thread


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  • I don't like it at all. I like Drake, Kanye, Kendrick, Kid Cudi, Nas, Tupac, Biggie, G-Eazy, Childish Gambino, Eminem, Skizzy Mars, and A$AP Rocky but this is chaotic and while I normally love the accent it doesn't sound as impressive.

    • thats cool but click on stormsy vid down the page or search other uk grime as that vid maybe isn't the best i could have chosen

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    • guns n hoes is such an overgeneralization and probably an American stereotype. Some of Kendrick's songs are about struggles with alcohol and faith, Cudi about depression, Tupac wrote a pretty feminist song and one to his mother thanking her, and Nas on racial stuff (I Can and Black President). Em is great though. I just don't think I like Grime exactly. I've heard good things about Skepta, and English rapper and only really know one song from him. He's pretty good and I don't think falls under grime.

    • i do realise that and was speaking in general terms. skeptre maybe not totally grime and to be honest its worth looking outside just uk grime if you can. glitch hop is really good too for example

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  • I somehow never developed a taste for the crass, atonal and misogynistic rantings of inner-city potheads. Forgive me, I'm old. ; - )

    • my question was aimed at people who do like hip/hop and what they think of our lastest uk vibe so thanks for you input but its not relevant in the slightest. perhaps you should start you own , 'lets slate urban music because i dont get it' thread oh and as a 48 yr old myself i think you will agree age has nothing to do with it.

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    • slippery slope to bieber ;)

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  • I like everything as long as its good!

    • but 'good' is a personal taste and also it wasn't the question. i want to know what the home of hip hop thinks to our latest interpretation here in the uk

    • Oh ): I am not in the uk! I take the door slowly!

    • well just before you go i think you missed the point again so i will just say it again. my question is... if you are an American fan of hip/hop and rap then what do you think of our uk grime?

  • Either of them are terrible in my opinion.

    • well thanks but the question wasn't aimed at you then was it. what do you like?

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