Who remembers this scene from DBZ?

Even after all these years, I still tear up a bit at this part.


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  • I remember every second of it just about, every episode. The good parts, the bad, the stupid and moronic (those were after the frieza namek saga) everything.

    • Agreed. The series should have ended after the Frieza saga, but Vegeta's sacrifice against Buu was definitely a memorable moment for me.

      Have you seen the original Japanese dialogue for this scene?

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    • I'm just miffed that practically nothing was ever done again with the whole Saiyan concept after the Frieza saga. That, and every single saiyan character went super saiyan, which made Goku's initial transformation worthless. Now they are up to super saiyan god super saiyan (SSGSS).

      Yes, Disney would get burned at the stake if they fudged up Star Wars like DBE.

    • Poeple are so uncreative and have no imagination. One of the only cartoons that made it live action was "The Last Airbender". Yeah sure they were kids, yeah sure, they werent the best actors, but THEY WERE ONLY KIDS for crying out loud! Also I never expect for them people to keep the stupid corny comedy crap from the cartoon and transfer it to the movies. I just can't comprehend why so many people didn't like it.

      Oh and on Star Wars, Jar Jar binks, he wasn't a bad character. I dont know why people didn't like him, he had that funny corny sense of humor that was taken away on T. L. A.

      -Just makes my head spin.

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  • It's an good scene, but for me Kid Buu destroying The Earth was more harsh, especially with Goku trying to talk with the insane Kid Buu and realising how hopeless it is.


    • True, true. Unfortunately, like with everything else in DBZ... Dragon Balls negate everything. lol.

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    • Well you say only the bad things about that, but future Trunks timeline is not such a great place to live in, and it's likely that it's one of the reasons that Akira Toriyama made future Trunks timeline is to show that a world without the dragon balls would not be an good place to live in. Without the dragon balls the dragon balls universe would look more like the walking dead universe. Some of the death and destruction scenes are still good, even though most of those things get fixed by the dragon balls, also it's quite hard to have an universe with so many planet buster characters after the saiyan saga, without having an way to fix all this mess. ;)


    • That video. lol. Yes, the DBZ universe would be much more morbid without the fix-it-all dragon balls. Of course, it would force Toriyama to think more about his characters' actions and the ridiculous powercreep that DBZ is known for. From Vegeta onwards, dudes be blowin' up planets left and right. ;-)

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