Anyone know where I can watch Coraline?

I've always wanted to see this movie. I have Netflix but it isn't on there. I'm also insanely broke. Anyone know of a place to watch it?


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  • I bought my dvd for about $5. I don't remember where, but it was a national chain. (Borders (before it went under)? Barnes and Noble? Best Buy?)

    ITunes has it for 15.00. If you have $15, get an itunes card and redeem it. You can also rent it for $4.00 on ITunes.

    Do you have a close friend who's into "different" movies? Maybe they own it and would be willing to let you borrow it (if you're careful with stuff).

    Otherwise, you'll probably have to wait until it's on TV.


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  • try putlocker. is or tubeplus. me No matter what you do, do not click on any pop-ups or advertisements.


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    • coooool...
      so you like to say people can post... and comically reckon they have to give a shit?

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    • @jonathanDOE You are literally the most pathetic human being I have ever encountered. It's almost funny how your life must be so sad that you feel this ridiculous need to make multiple accounts, over and over again, and post the dumbest things one can post. I feel sorry for you, really. Mental illness must be quite the bitch.


  • I usually just key watch XYZ online in search engine and check through the links till I find one that suits

  • I watched it on the broke assess netflix, The Piratebay. Download the tor**** from Piratebay :)

  • @Xelebrum i'm not mentally ill... haha... i genuinely believe you are... haha.. largely since you lack social skills, you don't like it when people challenge, and you get personally offended when a random Web stranger calls you out for you saying to him how to post and "always be serious"... here's what, come and find me and beat me, or get trying at your local special school.

    • @Asker haha... this guy is a loser. he claims he's confident, but i only like to rile him up cos he follows me around to tell me to be serious... i think he has issues, not my issue if he does.

    • QUESTION, what does this have to do with movies? I see no mention of an answer to my question, so grow a pair of balls and message him instead of start shit on a post that has nothing to do with this. God damn.

    • i post as i please.. haha.

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