Eurodance Battle: Who's your favorite Eurodance Artist (Round XXXII)?

Hmmm I'm between Nicki French and Factory... although Gala's a hot chick... I like her dance moves in her "Faraway" video... :D

Hahaha... but music-wise I'll go wid Nicki French I guess...
  • Fragma
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  • French Affair
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  • Nicki French
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  • Fun Factory
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  • G-Powered
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  • Gala
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  • Gigi D'Agostino
    Vote G
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Fragma won...


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  • Ugh, it's hard to say, that Fragma chick is very hot blonde, Gala too... and Marie-Anett from Fun Factory has nice legs and fit body...
    Hmm, the girl from French Affair is also attractive, they all have cool songs...
    I think I'm gonna take my chances with Fun Factory ;)


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  • Hm, I like Fun Factory, Nicki French has some really great songs... as well as Gigi D'Agostino and Gala... even French Affair, but... I think Fragma is the best here :D


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