What is your Video Game of the Year?

It can be any game that was released between January 1, 2015 and now.


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  • Can't decide between The Witcher 3 and MGSV. I like The Witcher 3 more but it launched with MAJOR problems that required four or five massive patches to fix. I don't like giving developers a pass on such things because it only opens the door for more unstable products at launch (which we're seeing way too many of this generation). MGSV was almost perfect when it hit store shelves.

    I just loved The Witcher 3, though.

    • You also have to remember that CD Projekt Red is a smaller gaming studio, so it's less likely that they'll find most of the problems at launch. That being said, I had very few glitches when it came out

    • That's not really an excuse. There are lots of teams that are even smaller that ended up producing perfectly solid games, even big open-world productions. Look at Sucker Punch and inFamous, for instance.

      Some people didn't have issues with The Witcher 3 but all you have to do is Google it and you'll see the massive fallout. You don't need five patches, each measuring between 3 and 6 gigs, if there's nothing seriously wrong. I couldn't play for an hour without seeing some glitch, and one completely ruined my first play-through.

      I love it as well but it's hard to give a pass on these things.

    • I guess that's true. I hardly ever get glitches, so I never pay attention. Maybe CDPR had some of the consoles that didn't get the glitches or they were pressed for time. There was a somewhat large PR campaign, so why waste all that money by pushing back the release to fix a few glitches?

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  • Quite liked Undertale


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  • The Witcher 3

    • Great game. I still haven't finished but I'm close. I always get sidetracked by all the side quests. The world is so deep

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    • I never really got into gwent so I never really look for the cards. Now I'm focusing on other games as well such as Fallout and AC:Syndicate

    • I finished syndicate.. meh classic AC

  • Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel

  • #1 Fallout 4
    #2 Call of Duty Black ops 3


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