What's your favorer genre of music?

Mine is metal and rock and I hATE country.
  • Rock.
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  • Country.
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  • Hip hop.
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  • Rap.
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  • Pop.
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wow I fucked up. I meant Favorite***


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm open to a lot of different music genres... so hard to say what's my favourite.

    In my early teens I listened mostly to rap/hip hop. then in my late teens until my early twenties it was a lot of rock, metal punk etc.

    now it's mostly elctronic stuff... one reason is because I listen to it most of the time in the car and that sounds best... also for the types of videos I edit.
    but I still listen every now and then to other stuff. I also like mixes of classical music with other ones. I'm just not a big fan of country or folk music.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Metal and rock mostly, but I don't "hate" any genre really, I can listen to anything that can keep my attention

    • I'm the annoying nerd girl. Where's classical?

      No, really, it should be here. Classical music is the bomb.

      Otherwise, I like artists who are loud, angry, and male.

      In terms of metal-type things, I suppose I owe some sort of homage to Nine Inch Nails' "March of the Pigs".
      Because that was... yeah. The song.

      First song on the disc, our first night together. By the end of that song, that man had already smashed his way into my heart and soul.

      Really, just the first 15-30 seconds of the song. That's all he needed. By the time he got to the quiet part of the song. it was oooover. Me, I mean. My career of "fuck love, that ain't gonna happen to ME".

      Those first 15-30 seconds even sound like things getting smashed.
      And he *couldn't* have planned it. Mathematically impossible. We had literally just met.

      Maybe he did it to a different woman everywhere he went. Same song, same routine. He is a dancer; it's very possible.

      But I don't care.

      Don't care.

      He lost, too. (:

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    • Hi! Because I am old and bad at using the internets. LOL.

      On the phone, the two boxes are right next to each other. Have big hands. Have small phone.

    • @redeyemindtricks Oh I see, that's alright!

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What Guys Said 26

  • Metal is amazing. Personally, I like metalcore the best, but melodic other stuff (like death metal) is pretty good too. I can be picky about screaming though. I'm not a big fan of super low growling kind.

    Bullet for My Valentine is great. I also really like Children of Bodom. The album "The Poison" ranks as one of my favorites. It's awesome.

    I also like generically most things with "rock" in the genre. Exception would be something like rap-rock. I do not like anything rap/hip hop/whatnot really at all.

    • I have a B4MV shirt in my wish list in amazon lol
      I agree with the growling

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    • @DarkHumorRUs Nothing said I didn't like Judas Priest, or Testament, or Dream Theater etc.
      I just said I like metalcore the best.

      I have actually listened to the bands you mentioned though. I actually love Dream Theater and would see them live if I could. Mike Portnoy and John Myung were some of my inspirations for drums and bass.
      I actually discovered Opeth recently (like in last couple months), but I do like them from what I've heard so far.
      Testament actually has my favorite bass part to play in Souls of Black. I also listen to them.

      Judas Priest... Ehh. Not my favorite. Nice instruments, not my favorite vocals. I like some of their stuff. The drum solo at the beginner of Painkiller was one of my drum goals for awhile.

      Hmm... First time of hearing death angel though. I'll check them out.

      But yeah, just because I like metalcore doesn't mean I ONLY listen to metalcore. I like the genre the best though. I don't know why you assumed differently :/

    • Good. Guess it's just uncommon that people's favorite metal genre is thrash these days.

  • I listen to metal and rock when I was a kid.

    Now, it's more of Pop and Trance. I still listen to Alternative Rock, but no more growling for me now. lol

    The least favorite of mine is Rap, Country and Hip Hop. Aside from Eminem, there are really few good rappers for me.

  • Instrumental, a. k. a The BEST kind of music from what I've heard.

    Besides that, I'm not sure. Maybe rock, but definitely not rap for me. I don't know, I don't really listen to music regularly :/

    • And I must say, I share your dislike of country music.

      Happy new year! :)

  • I listening to a lot of stuff - Classical, Blues, Jazz, EDM, Vocal Trance, Acoustic, Electronic, Rock, Metal. Indie, Country (Johnny Cash)
    Ones I never took to - Hip Hop, Rap, Bubble Gum Pop ( but I like odd song ), Disco

  • i picked rap but those really soft alt songs are on about the same level to me, things like sam moss, fossil collective, hozier, artic monkey's, that sorta thing, i like every genre but id have to say country's my least favorite next to metal

  • What I like in descending order
    alternative rock
    70's, 80's, 90's and early 00's pop
    epic music
    heavy metal

  • Without Gospel, Country, Rag Time and Blues there would be no Rock or Metal Today. Or any other kind of popular music lol.
    But what they call Country music now is just twangy Pop. And Rock is my favorite :P

  • Everything is open for me except most, if not all Rap. But I hate Polka Music! Well the accordion in general but if you visit the mid-west in summer your ears will bleed from it.

  • top 5 are
    trap (i'll throw in trap rap i guess)
    alternative/rock (like x ambassadors or onerepublic)

  • Chillstep-biggie
    Heavy Rock-always down
    Piano from OST's
    and I HATE screamo but i can manage with some songs
    I enjoy certain country songs.

  • I prefer electronic music, like Trance, Techno, Rave etc ;)

  • I like anything with a good enough beat or tune to it. That heavy metal stuff I can't stand.

  • Rock, Alternative, and surprisingly movie soundtracks

  • Dubstep Drum&Bass and some Metal and Jrock bot only a bit of the last two

  • Probably Rap.

    Still love my Metal and Hip Hop though.

  • Metal is the best! \m/

    Especially Black Metal and Death Metal.

  • My favorite is rock but I listen to nearly everything.

  • I like country but not the new country but the stuff from the eighties and nineties

  • Indietronica, it's basically a catch all term for synthpop/chillwave/synthwave from indie artists.

    • Honorable mentions are 60s/70s psychedelic rock, old Jazz (Edith Piaf, Annette Hanshaw kind of stuff), Hip-Hop and Nu Disco.

  • R&B and Soul

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