Which Comic book company publishes the best Comic books?

Which Brand is the greatest of all time.

1. Marvel Comics
Which Comic book company publishes the best Comic books?Signature Comics: X-Men, Spider-Man, The Hulk, And The Avengers

2. DC Comics
Founded: 1934
Which Comic book company publishes the best Comic books?
Signature Comics: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, And Justice League
DC Vertigo: Sandman, Preacher, And Other Lives

3. Image Comics
Founded: 1992
Which Comic book company publishes the best Comic books?
Signature Comics: Spawn, Savage Dragon, Witchblade, The Darkness, And The Walking Dead

4. Dark Horse Comics
Founded: 1986
Which Comic book company publishes the best Comic books?
Signature Comics: Sin City, Hellboy, Star Wars, Predator, Usagi Yojimbo, And Conan the Cimmerian

5. IDW Publishing
Founded: 1999
Which Comic book company publishes the best Comic books?
Signature Comics: Star Trek, Doctor Who, Transformers, G. I. Joe, and The A-Team.

6. Chaos Comics
Founded: 1994
Defunct: 2002
Which Comic book company publishes the best Comic books?
Gone but not forgotten!
Signature Comics: Lady Death, Purgatori, Evil Ernie, Chastity, Jade, Bad Kitty, and Lady Demon.
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  • Image
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  • Darkhorse
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  • IDW
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  • Chaos Comics
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  • I read comics from all those companies listed. But my twi favorites would be split between dc and marvel. I think both have some very good characters and stories. And a lot of them have very cool battle match ups that probably will never be made into any movies. Now movie wise marvel has the edge and now dc is trying to play catch up with the very rushed batman vs superman movie and just throwing in a lot of characters all at once. Im probably going to have to say marvel because they seem to be doing more to expand their comics into movies and other stuff.


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  • DC would top Marvel in my opinion.
    Marvel can't get out of their own way - look how they constantly screw up Spider-Man , one of their flag ship characters. The Clone Saga, One More Day, they seem to have forgotten how to write a good story for Spidey anymore. Quite honestly they are s helluva lot better at movies than comics now.
    DC had very entertaining crossover events (Crisis, 52, to name a few), plus they don't abuse their main characters. They give their heroes tough obstacles to overcome then surprise and maybe shock you as to what they'll do to accomplish justice (Wonder Woman killing Maxwell Lord for instance), and events in the story will leave you dumbfounded (Jason Todd return in Hush). That's good storytelling.

    • As much as i love Marvel. their storylines can become a miss, its hit or miss. a lot of miss lately

      DC is really kicking ass story telling wise in a lot of their comics.

  • Couldn't decide between Marvel Comics and DC! I have favourites in both.

  • I like them all, it's very difficult to choose, I like Marvel Comics because of Hulk, I like DC Comics because of Batman and Wonder Woman, I like Image Comics because of Spawn, Witchblade, and The Walking Dead, I like Dark Horse Comics because of Hellboy, Star Wars, Predator, and Conan The Cimmerian, I like IDW Publishing because of Star Trek and Doctor Who... though, I'm not quite familiar with Chaos Comics.

    • Chaos comics did a lot of horror themed comics, Lady Death was probaly their most famous since they made that cartoon movie.
      They also did a lot of Wrestler crossover comics like the Undertaker, Stone Cold, The Rock, Mankind, etc...
      And they did that ICP comic lol

    • Sounds interesting, I like horror comics, and wrestling of course :)

  • Definitely Marvel

  • i like marvel the best


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