What is the nastiest/weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

when i was little, i used to eat ladybugs 24/7... but now i have a fear of bugs lol


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  • Weirdest thing I've ever eaten? Pickled jellyfish, hands down. Actually tasted pretty good though; 10/10 would eat again.

    Nastiest thing I've ever eaten? The cheese-baked oysters at a certain sushi joint. I'm the kind of person who enjoys sashimi, mutton and semi-rare beef but GOOD GOD, those thing stank to high heavens. Couldn't even bring myself to swallow it for the exorbitant price tag. :(

    Nastiest food item I've ever encountered in real life? Sago worms. Bloody buggers look like gigantic maggots, eurgh. I'd take fried grasshoppers any day, thanks.

    • Actually, now that I remember, bird's nest essence was really nasty too. That's basically solidified swallow's saliva boiled with ginseng and rock sugar.

    • wooooow.. I can't even eat fish cuz it smells bad.. you are a brave person lol

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  • I ate a ladybird once when I was little too! We must be soulmates or something haha :P


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  • probably lychees in syrup or I don't know wtf it was. that stuff grosses me out. they looked like eyeballs.
    ^^ what the hell. -.-

  • A friend of mine insisted on going traditional in a Chinese restaurant and ordered a poached frog then didn't even taste it, I had to eat it for him.

    • Pfffttt that's tame. :P If handled well you shouldn't be able to tell that it was frog; I'm told that it tastes like chicken (by a friend who got tricked into eating frog porridge once).

    • @Nachtmeerde I agree it is tame the only reason I remember the story is the fact my friend made a big show of ordering it but never touched it.

    • Ah, I see. Maybe he should've started with something less ambitious, like pig's tongue braised in soy sauce. The texture's pretty much the same as regular pork.

  • I ate a dog treat before. My cousin convinced me they tasted like bacon. How could I resist?

  • I used to eat sand when I was 5


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