Can you suggest me a good book to read online?

I want to change my lifestyle and everytime I'm available I want to read a book rather than just to stare at nothingness and imagine things that won't happen in reality.

Can you suggest me good books that would are worth reading?
I'm more into into comedy stuff but horror and action are okay too, most of the things I find are love stories though that's also okay but just too many to choose from.
It would be nice if I can view it on my phone (I don't have a tablet).


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  • I admire the concept. :)

    There are lots of great books; you can find the more popular ones listed anywhere. I can recommend one that few have heard of, and probably because the stupid cover is really misleading. But you might like it-


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  • can you specify what kind of book do you want, Modern or classic, any Author you prefer?

    • I actually don't read books and I want to start now. Modern wokluld be better.

      I'm starting with the Diary of a Wimpy Kid, it would be better if it's not drama because I'm kinda down now and I just want to read books that can be relaxing or funny.

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