Guy, would you be uncomfortable with playing as a female protagonist in a video game?

I'm just curious because I saw a preview for a game that had a female protangonist and some guys in the comment section said they wouldn't buy it for that specific reason. I found this a little odd to me because I have no problems with playing as a dude. Guys would you have a problem with this?
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  • I've never had a problem with it. I've played plenty of video games with female protaginsts. Sometimes i even choose to use a female character when you have the option to choose the gender. Usually they allow you more than one character, so i make a male and a female, or maybe two males and a female, or two females and a male... i honestly don't care. It adds variety, if anything.


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  • I don't see why that would be an issue. After all, girl gamers have to play as guy protagonists on many games especially older games and I can at least say I never cared. I'm sure guys won't care as much either having to play a girl.


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  • Really?

    People actually care about the sex of... a bunch of pixels on a screen?

    You should not care. If you give even the tiniest fraction of a shit, there's an identity problem there.
    What about having a son and a daughter? Would you have a "favorite" there, too?

    That question has a right answer and a wrong answer.

  • Any guy that complains about being a female protagonist is going to have to apologize to me for the years of me playing as a male protagonist.

    Also, I find that when you're allowed to create a character in a video game that there are quite a few guys who create female characters, so I don't think a female protagonist should bother them that much... not the perverts, at least. :P


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