What Games should I play?

What are games suggested to people who Love playing games that are like irl ( In Real Life ) like seriously anything you can do in real life, you can do on that video game. i love that kind of game the most. you could walk and go to school and just enjoy life or stuff that is like 100% in real life game. you can choose cloths, buy clothings, go to the arcade, go learning as in seriously you sit there and listen to the teach talk. or maybe they would give some buttons like 'skip' and like seriously go to school. or you could not go and your parents will come knocking on your door or something like that and etc. really someone MUST create this kind of games. But i am just heading for suggestions xD haha i was getting too far ahead of what i was wanting to say :3 well any suggestions for people who loves that kind of games? not like the sims and stuff but like the idea of it. for example i like playing games that are very over-powered that are like really cool and those stuff can be purchased i like cool stuff like maplestory. they have skills which are really cool because it's like when you get them, you get insane. after months you are back to normal. you would just freaked out of fun for that game that keeps you going. keeps your heart pumping extras. and just you can relax while enjoying that game.


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  • So you want a game of Life. You want to play a game that is real enough to be real life?

    • Yeah. I want a game that is Exactly like real life. And GTA isn't enough.

    • Every Inch of this world is in that game and every stuff you could ever do is in that game as well. If you're a student you have to sit for class for 8 hour straight. you can take your books out and write notes, Pack your bags, and stuff. If you don't go you will have a letter to you. or get detention. And everything xD that's exactly real life.

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