Have I become boring or just more mature?

I don't know if its common to hear from most men my age but I have quickly became tired of the crowds in the small city I live in which borders a college town. I have began going to bars with an older crowd and my idea of a night out is a couple good craft beers or properly made mixed drinks (good pour counts and dinner with my girlfriend. I'm still in college and I almost feel like a loser cause I just can't get the motivation to hit the party scene on weekends like I did just 6 months ago?


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  • Probably both - The final nail in the coffin is remember the have a beer and kick through this tiredness moment becomes I just want my bed - Over time that moment becomes less and less drunk with earlier bedtimes.

    • I have hit the point where three beers gets me super tired and any time past 11:00 pm out makes me tired for 2 or three days after until I catch up on sleep.

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  • I think you have figured out that not all weekends are not about partying and drinking. Sounds like you are maturing to me.

    • I don't know if its weird but I drink for flavor nkw and nkt for the feel of drunkenness.

    • Yeah, you'll be alright man. You are just understanding that the whole getting drunk and partying is not all to life

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  • You're boring by the definition of college kids that haven't partied enough yet.

    I didn't do much partying myself, I think I went out on drinking nights and such only 10 times my whole life and honestly, it's not all that great. Stuck in dark hot rooms with loud crappy music and dozens of sweaty strangers just doesn't do it for me.

    Your idea of a night out sounds far more appealing.

    Also, house parties are way better. You can control the type and volume of music, you can play games and do silly stuff that's not possible in clubs and generally most people know each other, so it's much safer.

    I've had house parties at my place and those are the best nights. We drink, we play Cards Against Humanity or UNO and have a blast socialising, then everyone gets a blanket if they wanna pass out. My guests are also awesome in the sense that they clean up all the rubbish in the morning and even wash all the pint and shot glasses. 😛

    • I just get beat up by it all like staying out past midnight and getting toasted make me feel tired and out of it for 3 days. I went out last night cause my roommates forced me and I was DD so I only had 4 drinks in 5 hours and they were gross cause my roommates bought them and they were bottom shelf rum and I fell so hungover despit edrinkkng so little I kinda feel old.

    • Not everyone is a fan of drinking. I'm not a huge fan myself and I totally see it from your point of view. You just need friends that share your idea of a fun night.;)

    • I enjoy a well brewed craft beer whether it's an IPA, stout etc or a top shelf mixed drink but its for flavor not the drunk feeling a lot of 22 years olds like. I do love drinking a specific type of way though.

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