Have you ever listened to a song and thought it was just exactly your taste?

Like it was perfect (or nearly perfect), almost like it was written for you?

Or are you more of a casual music fan?

I tend to get overly passionate about stuff like this and people look at me gone out!

Feel free to post it, maybe inspire someone else.

Mine would basically just be the entire Mandylion album by The Gathering.


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  • Many far too many to mention but thats the wonder and magic of music, it stretches across borders its unaware of colour and creed it unites us in a way that nothing else can. music can reach inside of us and make us feel it has the power to
    Inspire to comfort to anger and to apease even the angriest of Giants like think about the song that give you goose bumps isn't that awesome that a sound mabye its the words or the sentiment whichever it dont Matter by hearing something your body reacts its amazing.


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  • When I first heard this song I was like, "Wow, this is exactly what I wanted out of a band."

    Great vocalist, more of a progressive sound, intricate in parts... heavy, yet melodic and ambient. Incredible drummer too... one of my favorite drum-tracks I've ever heard. And that initial drop... 😳



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  • The song "Spirit" by The Waterboys means a lot to me


    Man gets tired
    Spirit don't
    Man surrenders
    Spirit won't
    Man crawls
    Spirit flies
    Spirit lives
    when man dies

    Man seems
    Spirit is
    Man dreams
    The spirit lives
    Man is tethered
    Spirit is free
    What spirit is
    Man can be

  • Yes, Invisible. XD


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