Who was your favorite Disney character?

Mine is easily this guy
Vincenzo Santorini

Who was your favorite Disney character?

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What Girls Said 7

  • I liked Mushu and Mulan and all the people from the first Mulan movie.

  • Alice! I love her sass!
    I also really like Kathryn Beaumont who was the live action model and voice actress for Alice. She also acted for Wendy Darling in Peter Pan!

  • Hmm... Elsa. I don't say this because of all the Frozen hype. It's not even my favorite Disney Princess movie and that's not because I don't love it, but I have ones I love more. I love Elsa, though, because she's just so relatable. Her and Anna apply to my life so much. Elsa went through a period of isolation and it distanced her from her sister. The whole movie is like my life story in a way with my sister. We have a somewhat strained relationship because of my depression and this movie really opened up my eyes to how I need to change so I don't regret not being there for and with my sister. Mulan is next.

  • Rapunzel for sure! :)

    • Hey, on your page, is that one of those "preliminary concept art" paintings from Tangled, by chance? :D

    • @nfigure Yes it is!

    • Oh wow, it's so neat! I love concept art; it's like being able to take a look inside the minds of the artists, as they were dreaming up a story. :P

      I have a set of "Beauty and the Beast" concept art that I redeemed from Disney Movie Rewards a few years ago (the program that gives us points for Disney DVDs and tickets we buy, etc.) that I really love; I wish they would have done the same for other movies like "Tangled" too, but sadly they never did. xD It would have been cool to have a little collection from different movies from them, hahaha.

  • Too many to choose from. xD

  • I've always loved Goofy and his son Max.


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