What do you think?

What do you think?
What do you think?
What do you think?
So all three pictures are done in order. How I started skill level wise to now. Just wanted to know what you guys think. I am by no means an expert in photoshop I only started it our recently and everything you see here is thanks to some youtube tutorials. And anyone who is good in photoshop do you have any pointers on how I can improve?


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  • I know nothing about photo shop sorry
    (1) Woman under water hands reaching up (drowing or escaping?)
    (2) With a book the words on the page are only the surface of the media as you say elsewhere the readers imagination provides most of the creative stimulation
    (3) Handcuffs bondage - Arms cracking, if they break they will no longer be in the cuffs they will be free - Why are they breaking withering in enslavement or fighting against the cuffs (the blood on cuffs seem tom indicate that) it reminds of the lyrics of my favourite song Spirit by the Waterboys.

    Man gets tired
    Spirit don't
    Man surrenders
    Spirit won't
    Man crawls
    Spirit flies
    Spirit lives when man dies

    Man seems
    Spirit is
    Man dreams
    The spirit lives
    Man is tethered
    Spirit is free
    What spirit is
    Man can be
    Lyrics found here


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  • This is so beautiful. Full of raw passion and rich symbolisms, keep it up! :D

    • Thank you 😊😊😊

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  • Lol please tell me wtf the first two r xD


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