Which of these movies are you looking forward to seeing this year?

This is just a list of movies I persoanlly want to see:

Deadpool (February 12)
Batman v Superman (March 25)
X-Men: Apocalypse (May 27)
Finding Dory (June 17)
Independence Day (June 26)
Star Trek Beyond (July 22)
Suicide Squad (August 5)
Assassin's Creed (December 21)

Feel free to add a movie I didn't include.

I think I'm most looking forward to seeing Suicide Squad and Assassin's Creed (I'm a huge fan of Michael Fassbender too). Just hope the movie won't end up like most video games that are turned into a film :/


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  • Um, all of them you listed!


    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (February 5th)
    Captain America: Civil War (May 6th)
    Warcraft (June 10th)
    The Conjuring 2 (June 10th)
    Finding Dory (June 17th)
    Ghostbusters (July 15th)

    Not sure how accurate these dates are:

    Gambit (October 7th - what? I thought this was coming out in 2017 haha)
    Doctor Strange (November 4th)
    Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them (November 18th)

    Neon Demon - just says 2016


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  • Finding Dory, that new Alice in Wonderlad movie, Gods of Egypt, The Fifth Wave, and The Huntsman: Winter's War are all the ones I can think of at the moment.

  • Batman vs superman


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