I promised a song for someone specific. Thoughts on it so far?

I made the first version of this song in August 2014 for someone very close to me. I promised her I would revisit it and do a much better version. Here is what I have so far. The tempo will pick up right on that last note.

This intro has 3 separate guitar tracks playing together. The main progression, another to accompany it and the lead.

I will be updating this regularly and I will appreciate any feedback.

I have updated the song and it does have an end. It has no main lead yet as I just mainly recorded the progression. I intend to use the main lead I had originally made in 2014. The upbeat progression contains 2 tracks. Both are the same progression with different chord placement and nothing else for now.

I have added 3 more guitar tracks for the rest of the song. There is the main lead, another to echo it and then a third one to accompany both.



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  • There is a romantic quality to it I like it so far


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