What would be your theme song (s)?

Creep by radiohead

Loser by 3 doors down

People are strange by the doors

Food glorious food from the movie Ice Age 2
U. G. L. Y. by daphne and celeste


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  • Well, of course, NIN's March of the Pigs.

    And Closer, from the same album. Goosebumps, still, after all these years. Ya know how the effect of most songs wears off over time? Nope.

    Help me, you make me perfect /
    help me become somebody else /
    I want to fuck you like an animal /
    I want to feel you from the inside /
    I want to fuck you like an animal /
    My whole existence is flawed /
    You get me closer to God /
    ... /
    You are the reason I stay alive

    Yes indeed.

    • Closer by NIN is one of my favorite songs by them.

    • It's me. As a song.

      Hey, you know what's one of the coolest experiences ever? That I remember from being yr age?

      That point where you get to wondering whether it's all worth it... Why am I still alive?
      And then you find a song that expresses the same thought... Why am I still alive?

      And then, because you found that song... Holy shit so alive.

      It just doesn't make any sense at all, right? But it makes such sense. 0 + 0 = 1.

      That was actually my first step toward feeling less alone, in terms of future relationships. (Not this song, obviously, but earlier ones.) Was like, if I can get that much inspiration just from a **song** that's on my side... I can't imagine how inspiring it might be to have another living breathing person on my side.

      Ya dig.

  • A. M. & live while we're young by one direction
    like when I die I'm gonna have a grave sensor and whenever someone walks by, live while we're young is gonna blast lmao

  • https://youtu.be/H202k7KfZL0

    This seems fitting.


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