Me and my boyfriend are thinking about buying our own tap shoes and dancing together, should we?

Basically me and my long-distance boyfriend, we both love tap dancing, and we were thinking of buying 2 pairs of tap shoes for each other and thinking of dancing for each other to make both of us happy, what do you girls and guys think? Should we do what we want in life or just wait? P. S. This is honestly just a personal desire for each of us and we're kind of afraid of what people would think of a couple tap dancing so you can tell me what you think about that as well, thanks so much for reading this ridiculously long question and I look forward to some answers! Have a wonderful day!

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  • Go ahead, but don't be surprised if he eventually dumps you for his new boyfriend.

    • His new boyfriend? Just saying but I know for a fact that he's not gay or anything and he seems loyal enough, we've been together for 2 years

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    • Just remember guys that this doesn't have to be just about my boyfriend, I'd personally like to hear more about my main question: buy tap shoes and try to satisfy our desires, yes or no

    • I voted yes, buy the shoes.

  • It sounds cute to me - Go for it


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